I know how hard it is hard to get started with fitness and weight loss!

Why do 99% of people who start off on this journey never get close to achieving their goals?

“I’m here to make sure that you are part of that 1% that does!

Your first exercise session and probably the most important one that you will ever do (if you want REAL results, that is ) will be sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee, having a chat with me and taking some notes!

Does that sound like an easy start?

If you have time for your first 45 minute training session, then I do too!

Grab something to write with and write on, grab a drink and sign up to my free training! (there’ll be a link somewhere around this video for you to click)

I’ve got some awesome tips to share with you that can guarantee your success!

No gimmicks, no fads, just solid advice!

So Let’s jump in!!

….I’m Jim by the way!… More on that later….”